Here is a brief presentation of Rc Team, who is a french compagny with a young, dynamic, passionate and dedicated crow to your service.

Customer service and after-sales :

Kevin, Raphael and Thomas answer question by email or phone. The three of them are passionate about model making RC and practice a lot. Moreover, Kevin is involved in high-level championship with motorbike and touring 1/10 and Thomas with TT 1/8. They will helping you with any claims.

Logistics service :

Your orders will be prepared by Remi, Marie, Virgilia et Amélie. They are the ones who handle logistics, receive merchandise, pack and ship orders. It is thanks to them that you receive your order in due time. They take a good care of the packaging.

Web service :

Nicolas, Kevin and Helene are in charge of the website. In order to deliver a richer web experience, they create and upload new products, improve the web browsing and the ranking of our website.

Administrative service :

Amélie look after the administrative part, accounting and repayment of yours orders in case of cancellation or return of goods.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.