You are not fully satisfied with your order ? No problem !
RC Team is always here to bring you solutions !

The processing of your return request

1/ Step « You »

The first step is to send an email to request a return via our contact form.

2/ Step« RC Team»

  • RC Team (our Customer Service) process your support request.
  • If your request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email to indicate how to proceed : return address, return number and documents…
  • The shipping costs are to the customers' expenses.
  • To flollow the status of your request, please indicate the tracking number for your order.

3/ Step « Supplier »

  • Our supplier process your requests for guarantees and takes the decision : replacement, repair, repair estimate, reimbursement or no response.
  • In the case of a repair estimate, you will be consulted for its acceptance.
  • We relaunch a couple times a wee our supplier for each ongoing request.
  • We will provide you immediately with all new informations about your ongoing request.
  • There is no need to contact directly the supplier about your ongoing request. Your single contact is RC Team.

4/ Step « RC Team »

RC Team receives frome the supplier the response to your request.

5/ Step « Vous »

We send to you the supplier's response to your request. In the case of a transhipment, we will pay the shipping cost.

How do I make a standard return ? 

1/ I prepare the package

  • I ensure that each product is in mint condition (bearing no trace of use), complete and in its original packaging ;
  • I'm making sure that the repackaging fully protect the products to make sure they arrive safely ;
  • I print the invoice for my order (available in your client account) and i put it in my package.
  • I write on the invoice (or a paper) if i want a coupon or a reimbursement.

2/ I ship the package

I send my package at the following address :

ZA du Pinay 2
42700 Firminy

Our advice : Keep a proof of shipment and the tracking number.

3/ RC Team process the return

  • We receive your package, process your return and we inform you of the outcome of your request.
  • If your return is conform, we will send your coupon or make a repayment as soon as possible.

Important :

  • You have 30 days from the date of delivery return the product(s).
  • The return costs are at your expense.
  • That is for you to do the packing and send the return package.
  • Any product returned who does not respect the above criteria will be automatically shipped back.

If you have any doubts or questions about your return, feel free to contact our Customer Service via our contact form.

There is a mistake on your order ?

  1. Please, send via our contact form, pictures of the produce showing the problem and pictures of the received parcel.
  2. Describe the condition of the package : if it is damaged or open by the carrier ?
  3. Also, provide to us any reference (bar code, supplier number) you can find on the product or the package.

How does the guarantee work ?

1/ Warranty period

Our products are usually guaranteed one year unless :

  • Replacing consumables, consumable parts : Tyres, Starters, Pneus, lanceurs, transmission parts (crown gear, pinion gear, shaft drive) etc...
  • Poor maintenance of the product (poor lubricity, corrosion, exposure to water of a product not waterproof, dirty product).
  • The damage subject to a specific mention in the product description.
  • Defects and their consequences due to the intervention of the buyer or a repairer (disassembly of the motor, variator, remote control, charger, etc.).
  • The consequences linked to a misuse of the product (professional use, collective use …).
  • Battery and ESC : For certain manufacturers, any changes on the connectors may void the warranty (Traxxas, HPI, Losi etc...).
  • Battery LiPo, LiOn, LiFe : Any miss-use can void the warranty (Over discharge, incorrect load, incorrect storage...).

2/ Call the guarantee

Explain the problem and the circumstances under which the problem occurred by contacting us via our contact form
Any element are usefull : precise description, pictures, video …


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